Training materials for SRL


This page links to some documentation and training videos for Hindi PropBank annotation.

Semantic role labelling or “PropBanking” is usually carried out in two steps, first subcategorization frames are created, and then each sentence in the corpus is annotated with semantic roles for a particular sense of the predicate. The video tutorials below are meant to guide annotators through the process of accessing the annotation tools and then carrying out annotation. Note that during this time, annotation tools were accessed from the server as most of the work took place locally. Now browser-based tools are the norm, which makes for easier access.

Accessing the annotation tool via SSHvideo
Introduction to Semantic role labelling using Jubileevideo
Frame file editing process using Cornerstone -Ivideo
Frame file editing process using Cornerstone -IIvideo
Annotating complex predicates -Ivideo
Annotating complex predicates -IIvideo
Annotating empty categoriespdf
Cheat sheet for annotating modifiers (adjuncts)pdf